On Money

Earlier this week I was talking with one of my health coaching clients on releasing the need to make a certain amount of money and pursuing her calling.  While we were talking it all just flowed and later when she asked me to write it down for her I knew that I needed thoughtful time to come back to it.

So here we go.  My own personal thoughts on money in relation to going for what you really want. 

 A screen shot from an album I made for my little brother for his 16th birthday.
This is my little sis (Kallie) and little bro (Cody) at his 6th birthday.  
6 years = 6 bucks.  
It seemed like a bounty then!

If you're like me you were raised to pay your bills, ON TIME.
You were taught the value of a dollar early on and thought about it before sticking your quarters in the gumball machine because those quarters could add up to much more and if you could get a whole roll of them, well watch out!  You could really buy something with that!
You were raised to work hard, work honest and earn---  M O N E Y. 

Then you grew up to find that while supremely important to exist in polite society--

So to get clear--- take it out of the equation entirely. 
It's worth it.
It's painful and hard, but worth it.

Seek truth, seek what you know to be true and walk towards it. 

Yes, the bills will come and insist on being paid.  And yes, you'll pay them (at some point) but they are not your focus.  The money that satisfies them is not your focus.

Your focus is heart centered.  
Your focus is that little whisper inside that knows, in your knowing place all the desires of your heart.  It's the compass that guides you right to where you need to go.

You know what you don't want.  That's the stuff you are most sure of (some days that's a blessing, some days a curse).  You don't want to be in that world, at that job that you were once in.  You've seen the other  side, lived that life.  It was awesome at times, horrible at times and you're glad it's over.  Lessons learned, moving on... next chapter.

You know what you want and you are trying desperately to stuff all that into a defined career path.  Friends tell you what you should do, that you'd be a marvelous this or that and you consider it.  You struggle over it.  But ultimately that little whisper says, "NO stupid, I said no the moment that idea came out of their mouths and you challenged me, it is still the same answer. . . NO."  

So you go back to the drawing board and go over what you don't want to do---
What you do want to do---
and the big hairy beast gets in your way--- THE NUMBER. That magic number that you must make to contribute to your household, keep food on the table, etc etc etc and then the story sets in and ultimately you circle around to settling, on all the things you could do.  You were once in __career and you could go back to that to pay the bills except for the teeny tiny detail that it would slowly suck the life from you, you'd cry on your way to work everyday, come home to your love and collapse in a heap on the floor only to remember that you have to DO IT AGAIN tomorrow (can you tell I speak from experience here).

SO what then?  What is to become of this magnificent struggle? 
Opportunity.  The opportunity to ask some hard questions of yourself and those who are beside you in this human experience.

You are so close to knowing what it is that would serve you and leave you fulfilled at the end of each day.  You are so close to knowing how it is you will empower other people.  You know what your days look like.  You know what your best life consists of and what I know for sure is that if you walk towards those things you will be ok.  You will be better than ok, you will be HAPPY.

And here's what I know for sure in regards to chasing dreams. 
Any dream takes money.
The best growth is organic.
Don't leap off the bridge into speeding waters unprepared. 
Get clear on what you know and then get smart on how to get it.
Write it down.
Get support.
Set goals for yourself and set to reaching them.    

May you find every happiness in this journey.
With love,