Photo shoot for Soula and Scrapbooking advice

Hello on this Wednesday!
Today I am sporting my handmade hair clip from Emma's class!
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As promised,
here are a few fun photos from our Soula Photo Shoot

And now to answer this question from Smoochgirl:

BTW, when you have time, I have a couple of questions regarding your scrapbooks. 1) What kind of books do you use or do you make your own. I can't tell from the pictures if you use a child's board book as a base, or if you bind your own or do both? 2) What supplies are absolutely fundamental for these projects? I'm doing a wedding album for some friends I will be seeing in a couple weeks (just in time for their 1-year anniversary), and bought a nice, large, album (it's a silky ivory fabric with a bow across the front) and a wedding scrapbook kit and some extra pages that are black & ivory. I took and printed 85 photos of their shower and reception! Of course I will not use all, but the project is a bit overwhelming as I haven't really made an album before and I spent what seemed like a lot of money for the supplies (over $40 with the album on sale) plus about $15 for the pictures. Do you think I should return the kit and buy some kind of alphabet kit, or what? Maybe that's just how much these things cost? The album was on sale for $20 and I used a 40% off coupon (good deal, I think), the wedding kit was $15 (thought this was a bit steep) and the extra paper, $8 (which I'm okay with because I'm a paper fiend) plus some glue. Anyway, I don't mean to take up your blog space, but ANY tips you have will be MUCH appreciated (particularly those on saving time and money)! Thanks a bunch! :)
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Hi Smoochgirl!
There is no doubt about it scrapbooking is expensive. In fact that is part of the reason that I started Lacylike. More often than not I can make an album for you for far less then you will spend gathering the supplies to get the project done.

1) What kind of books do you use or do you make your own?

There was a time that I only used Creative Memories albums. I like the strap bound books now for big projects like an entire year or one with over 100 photos b/c those particular types of albums expand with ease. Nowadays I use whatever is going to work best for the project. Lately I am really in love with making mini albums and using rings to bind them together myself.

2) What supplies are absolutely fundamental for these projects?

1. You must absolutely have a great adhesive! I use LOADS of adhesive for my projects. I really like a roller as opposed to dots or peel and stick b/c it's quick. I never use a glue stick on photos b/c it doesn't last and also leaves stringy cobwebs that stick to your photo.

2. A great black pen, something that is not going to fade away over time. Look for a scrapbooking or archival quality pen.

For me those are the only two must haves!

Aside from those you'll need to gather your flair... great papers, ribbons, stickers etc.

Wedding Album 101
1. gather your photos and sort them out (this can often be the most overwhelming part since you will have photos everywhere). Break it down into pages... 1st page with one photo of the bride and groom, then the 2nd page has 4 photos of the attendants and parents, and so on. If you need more info on that email me and I will give you an outline for the entire book.

2. See how many pages you will need to complete the album and make sure that the album you purchased can accommodate the project. I think the album you bought sounds great. There is no need to buy a kit. Those often get a little cheesy. It is best to create around the event and not try to make the event fit into a kit (if that makes sense).

3. Keep it simple and honor the brides chosen colors with your theme. It could be as simple as using one color throughout the book as an accent. Maybe you back a picture on each page in that color. Maybe you trim the side of the page in that color. Maybe you paint (since I know you are a painter) on each page in that color. That would certainly be a special touch coming from you and it would not cost you anything since you already have the supplies!

4. Leave room for her to go back and add journaling (the who, when, where, why and how she felt about it all). You might also want to gift her a pen with the project and encourage her to go back and fill in the spaces that you designated for her written memories.

Ok I hope that helps give you a little guidance. Remember that anything you create will be done with love and everyone loves photos of their precious times so you can't loose! Good luck!


Ps- Never worry about taking up blog space silly, it's the internet and space here is infinite and besides I love to read your comments and questions!