Pieces of Love Everywhere!

This snuggly blanket holds lots of meaning in our home. I picked out the fabric online while I was in the hospital bed in Boston and Mom made it for me in record time. Then Mema and I took hours and hours and days to snip it (snipping the edges gives it that fluffy frayed chenille look). And now is is the snuggliest thing you've ever wrapped around yourself except for one tiny little fact...

It leaves pieces of love (that's what we call them) EVERYWHERE!
I think all we need to do is wash and dry it a few dozen more times and we will be good to go. There are little pieces of string all over the house but like I said it is the cuddliest blanket ever so we don't mind. THANK YOU for making it for me mom! Mema, thank you for getting numb thumbs with me through all the snipping! Ned thanks you both, he sleeps cuddled up under it at least once a day.

Happy Monday! I hope it is a wonderful week for all!