Procreate? Reactions!

Blogging is fun for me. It's a moment to reach out into the universe to share a little bit of funny or serious or whatever you need it be that day. My entry on Monday has gotten quite a bit of attention and sparked more than a few emails and conversations. It makes me feel good that people are listening out there, thank you for that.

This blog posting was in my in box today.


Thank you. Thank you for taking to time to share your experiences and emotions along the way. I loved each one of your words and in fact read them three times. Thank you for going there and talking about the nooks and crannies of the journey of being a mommy. You so perfectly nailed my life in the freedom to come and go, pay the bills and blow the extra, leave on a whim for a little getaway...all of it! I laughed a lot, I cried a little and I feel a lot of gratitude.

Honestly I've asked these questions before and attempted at these conversations but in the past two days the power of blogging has provided me with some of the most intimate and honest conversations with my girls from Texas. I find it interesting that it is our age group of friends that "gets it" and is willing to communicate about it but this is a whole other post for another day.

Thank you again!

I am off to be a little reckless!

With love,