Productive, Creative, Organized

We had a jammed weekend full of goodness and all weekend I kept thinking oooh I can't wait to blog this! So hello Monday and hello friends!

Friday: Trip to Ikea to purchase shelving to organize back closets at yoga studio. Oh what a difference a $15 shelf and a little investment in time can make!

I think this deserves a TA DA!

Saturday: Photograph Jen and Bryan at the Rose Garden.

They spent the morning at an Indian wedding ceremony and Jen wanted to take advantage of being all gussied up and get a few photos taken.

I was really touched that she asked me to do it! I had a lot of fun running around playing photographer, giving them silly directions and making them laugh.

Here are some of my faves.

I think their shadows look like super heroes!

This gentleman was doing his exercises and taking them very seriously. The rose print shorts at the rose garden was a nice touch on his part. I'm thinking I'll start a flickr photo set of people watching with gems like this one.

Meanwhile Cliff and our neighbor Buc were out cutting firewood for this winter.
We could have a fire every night for a year with all the wood they chopped! I rewarded Cliff with a massage to soothe his aching bod and it was a legit massage which means he really needed it. Manual labor is no joke!

Sunday: Put up molding to finish the walking tour at City Year.

This project started last year! It's been a long time in the making. What was once a big empty blank slate office is now branded and happy! It feels good to have this one under my belt.

Simple touches go a long way...
big logo outside, framed awards in the conference room and the hands up image on the glass. Profesh, right!

There are 8 of these throughout the building. They serve as a walking tour to tell people what City Year is/does! Cliff and I spent a few hours cutting and putting up the white molding around the outside of all the red squares to finish them off.

It was a good weekend! I feel like I got so much accomplished. Plus I worked on two customer albums that I'll finish up this week and show you.

Here's to a wonderful week ahead!