productivity is contagious

Wow those are two hard words to type... I was sounding them out every step of the way. ha!

It's Sunday folks. Happy day to you.

Andrew arrived today with our new headshots for the website for Soula. Hey and that is slept on second day hair! I woke up late this day and used my magic refresher and headed out the door! Yay for curly hair!

Cliff is at home having a most productive Sunday. He's washed AAAAND put away all the laundry! Next he is going to work on creating household and business files for Clifftech, Lacylike, and for future business ventures that are still in the dreaming phases. Our house seems to be one big office with files here and reciepts there, office supplies in my studio and all the bills and paperwork in Cliff's office. OH and let's not forget the mail that lands on the dining table. Man I swear that mail sits there and has little mail babies, it just never ends and 80 % of it is junk. Do you have that problem? It's time to get them all in one place so I am super excited to see our new file system when I get home.

I am at work having a most productive day myself. I made a new announcement bulletin board for Soula

I am sans camera today so I took the first one with the computer and the second one with my phone : ) I really like that you can pretty much take a photo with anything these days. It may not be a frame worthy shot but the moment is successfully captured!

I've spent all day loading photos to send to our web guy and zooming right through my to do's. Our next class is at 4 and I am going to practice! YAY! I am going for 5 days in a row. I did yesterday at 9 am and now today at 4 will make two! Wheeee!

I hope that you are enjoying a most lovely day.