Ramblings and happy things.

Today is Saturday. It's raining and gloomy out! I am so excited to be at home and snuggly. Cliff is in the kitchen cooking french pancakes out of Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

After I saw Julie and Julia with girl friends I came home talking about the movie and Cliff's all - oh yeah I have one of the first editions of that cookbook! My response was- I'm so impressed and are you gay? When I went to the shelf to look it was right next to 1000 recipes for hamburger. Nope not gay but I was still totally impressed! My tummy is grumbling smelling it!

I'm a part of a group of women that I mostly don't know. We send each other little bits of happy mail and treats through snail mail. It can be a little note, a photo or some scrapbooking treats... really anything that will brighten a day. I've met these two in real life and the rest I know through blogging introductions!

Jen got her happy mail and blogged about it. : ) It made my day that it made hers. I just love spreading goodness around. I'm so appreciative to be a part of this group of internet friends. Thanks for all lifting me up. Wishing we were able to sit and have tea in person from time to time.

Omg I've just been served a french pancake filled with apricot and orange and topped with cream! Seriously YUM! Oh Julia would be so proud of Cliff right now!

Off to eat and then create something marvelous! Mema sent me an idea for making a cork Christmas tree that I am really excited about! I'll post pictures of the creation when I'm done : )