Random Goodness

Janne has awarded me with the Zombie Chicken Award. I'm considering running around squaking randomly today. Tee hee. Thanks Janne!

Curly Girl has match boxes that I want to put all over the house! $2 bucks for a spark! Yes, please!

I am still totally in love with acro yoga and it cracks me up that I am always the one looking at the camera with a big cheesy smile when I should be focusing on supporting Nadia. I am a happiness multi-tasker and a steady base so I am sure Nadia felt fine :p tee hee.

I just got back from lunch with Nikki. I'm feeling so encouraged and really grateful for meaningful quality friendships. That's something I have always deeply longed for and in 2008 I put a picture of the Sex and the City Girls on my vision board to represent the kind of support and loving girls I wanted in my world. I have indeed manifested friends who love well, live well and lift me up oh so high with their goodness. Thank you for your amazingly kind words today Nikki!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and I'll see on on Monday, same bat time, same bat channel!