Random Nakedness

Today was my perfect morning... I woke up slow, no alarm clock. Cliff smooched me and then headed off to work. I laid in bed with the kitties and then sat up to write my morning pages and then do a little journaling.

There is actually a difference between the two... morning pages are for my work in The Artist's Way. They are three pages daily of stream of conscious writing. And then of course my regular journal has lists, thoughts, doodles, daily what not's etc... For me the morning pages are SO hard to do consistently and my journal is an extension of me so it's easy.

So then I got out of bed and put on some comfies, brush teeth, wash face, etc and came downstairs to have cereal in my favorite bowl and watch an episode of Dear Genevieve on the DVR. Love that show and that it is only 30 minutes so after you fast forward it is just enough time to sit, eat my cereal and then start the day!

Today is my artist date. It is a part of the book/ program that you take yourself on a date once per week for one hour. I love it. I've read that it can be really hard for people to forcibly spend an hour a week alone with themselves but it is the part I most look forward to. I love me time and that my only assignment is to nurture my inner artist. I LOVE IT! Today I am going to Toys R Us where I will be purchasing a hoola hoop and whatever else my heart desires but what I know for sure is that I want a hoola hoop! I will let cha know how it turns out!

I've been sorting through my photos in prep for finally using Flickr the way it was meant to be used. I am excited about how organized everything will be once it is there. Here are a few recents that I love:

This was a day that I was peeking in the window of a cottage for sale to take photos for my Mema and it ended up looking like a naked lady! Mema noticed it and now that's all I can see when I look at it. What appears to be her back and butt is actually the back of my hand wrapped around the camera lens with a reflection and her arm is my pinkey finger. Cool, huh!

Kallie took us to her fave cupcakery in Austin when we were there. We couldn't decide on what flavor so we got mini's in every flavor. Red Velvet was the fave across the board!

Ok look at those sweet eyes. Just throw it one more time, pppppppppppplease! Cliff threw the ball for what seemed like hours for this little guy at Cody's graduation party.

Alright I am off. I've got a hot date with myself at the toy store! tee hee.