Re Arrange?! I think yes!

Yesterday we had our carpet cleaned and a majority of our living room furniture is in the kitchen. I just got home from a super long day in and out of the car doing Soula errands and marketing for Soula and me thinks I am going to re arrange the living room now!

We used to re arrange ALL the time when we were kids. My mom just loves a little freshen up, making the same ole stuff you have seem new again and I have to admit I'm a fan!

Cliff will be home in about 30 minutes so I am hoping to do a power re arrange and meet him at the door with a cocktail and a pretty new living room for us to chat about our days in. That may be a little over zealous but I am up for the challenge. I've got the power to move all our heavy stuff with sliders so I am feeling pretty unstoppable!

Wish me luck!