There has been lots of enjoying the great outdoors lately!
It's that time of year for street fairs and farmers markets. Yay!

Where's a Ned?

A little upstairs patio time.
Ned and The Hinge are finally fine with each others presence.
The day that I find them cuddled up together sleeping I will just be so so happy, we will have arrived!
Squeals all around!

New car and new do! I love em both and I love you!

My Artist's Date (from my work in the book, The Artist's Way) at Paper Source.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE that old typewriter!

New stuff at Soula. I framed these from one of Marta's old calendars!
They are super cute and full of color and positive messages.

And speaking of messages... let me introduce you to our freedom of speecher. Oh boy!
The yoga studio is on a main walkway downtown and this guy comes out once a week or so and YELLS at the top of his lungs that we are all sinners doomed to HELL. His message is not super cute or positive but it's definitely full of color.
*click to enlarge the photo, I've circled the freedom of speecher (that's what I call him).