I just checked two things off my life to do list!

1. Visit Lake Tahoe
2. Learn to Ski!

After living in California for 5 years I finally got to Lake Tahoe to see the snow! It was my first time to ever see snow like that! I can't wait to go back so that I can take lots and lots of pictures. This trip was more about focusing on not falling off the mountain (and Clifftech) so next trip can be more about the photog opportunity!

This is Heavenly. I took my ski lesson there. My instructor said I was a natural and I was feeling pretty confidant until the next day we went to Northstar and I got on the ski lift and suddenly everything got scary! The ski lift is so high up and even though you know you're not going to fall out the thoughts that you could keep rushing in!
But I did it!
I skied my first run!
It was a slow process getting down the mountain and practicing my turns but Cliff was super patient with me and cheered me on all the way! I was grateful I conquered it and he was proud, it was a good day!

But seriously tubing was one of the best parts!

Between getting up and trying not to fall off the mountain or get in other peoples way I took lots of long pauses to look around at the beauty. It was breathtaking!

Hey fella, thanks for all the love and helping me to make all my to do's and dreams come true! You're so cool!

And we met a great couple at the hotel that happen to be fellow Texans! They have a photography business in the Dallas area and for all my Texas friends you should totally look them up, their work is amazing! JB and DeEtte is was wonderful to meet you! I hope that the speaking even goes amazing and that the hats for your little one inspire lots of cute photos! Best, Lacy