Right now I wish I could:

1. focus only on Happiness! I'm trying, I'm trying, I'm trying but bills have a way of totally killing the happiness buzz, know what I mean? Umm and I feel sorry for anyone named Bill (not really I am sure there are lots of lovely Bills out there, no offense intended to all you lovely Bills and people who love lovely Bills). Sense of humor in tact = check!

Marc Johns never disappoints.
Always a smile here.

2. have anything I wanted from Anthropologie and I'd start with this rug! Happiness begins at home... on this rug! I mean c'mon it's a mere $898 bucks. OUCHIE for sure but it doesn't stop me looking at it every day just to be sure that I still love it. Yeap, still love it!

3. take away the cancer that has set up camp in my dear friend Bart. Because he's amazing, because he has things yet to do in this life, because he's taught me so very much, because I just really want for him to be healthy, happy and never ever have to be a brave little pin cushion ever again. Please send some light, love and healing energy in Bart's direction today and tomorrow and the next day til the only time he ever has to talk about 'stages' again is when he's on one speaking to crowds of people offering up his inspiring story!

4. Go on a beach vacation with my love complete with umbrella drinks and room service!

What are you wishing for right now?

Much love!