The other day I was watching Oprah and they said something to the effect of... to get yourself on a spiritual path you need three things:

1. Connect with Nature
2. Connect with the Arts
3. Connect with Ritual

Now the guy giving this advice was a priest (hence the ritual part) but I just got it. Little known fact about me... I went to a Catholic school in 1st grade. I LOVED IT! Ritual serves me well in many areas of my life.

Since watching that show (on dvr from a while back) I've been thinking about ritual in my life. The ones I want to keep, the ones I need to toss and just taking an honest look at my days.

Among the ones I want to keep and wish that I could do more (and try to every chance I get):

-waking up slow! I rarely use this word but I *HATE* getting up to an alarm. Ask Kayla, my whole life I've rejected getting up to an alarm body and spirit. Can you say SNOOZE!?

-quiet mornings. My favorite days are those when I wake up slow and am quiet for several hours (like today). Ned and I move through the morning together and I delight in his quiet presence and purr motor. No tv, no music... just me and the Ned and the water from the pond fountains outside. I am still working, still communicating, still productive but no talking. It's the beauty of email!

-bathing. I remember my mom bathing when we were kids. Remember the Calgon take me away commercials!? It was her ritual and we'd always inevitably destroy it by knocking on the door or barging in. I'm not sure why we always needed her the moment she took time to do something for herself. I am sorry about that, mom! When we did our cleanse I took a ritual worthy bath and it saved me that day. There's so much promise in taking time out for yourself.

Hope that you enjoy some of your rituals today!