Scrapbooking dilema and a few tips!

I've been sorting through my old photos getting ready to make a book of my childhood. When my cousin Derrick turned 16 (he's now 21) I made him a book of his life to then, I did the same for Cody and Kallie. Now that they're all past 16 I've decided that I need one of me! It's an enormous project and of course I am having the back and forth battle with myself... do I scan them all and make a quick and dirty Shutterfly book or do I use the actual photos and get them all in one place, one book!? OMG it's enough to stress me right out. LOL This is why I mostly make projects for everyone else. It's way easier for me.

If I do the Shutterfly route it will be a once over book... a few picts of this and that but mostly just an overview. If I do the handmade book it will be much bigger with layers of memorbelia in it too. I am leaning heavily towards the handmade book but if I did the Shutterfly book mom and dad could get a copy too and it would be a nice way for them to have the photos... oh decisions, decisions!

I LOVE this photo! I can almost tell you for certain that dad had us up too early for our tastes and was bothering us. We look so unamused and seriously how tough am I in my smurf house shoes!

Dad would love this photo b/c of his truck in the backgroud. That's something I am always mindful of when looking at photos. You might think that it would be cute to crop this down to just Kayla and me but the stuff in the background can be so important!

I know that Halloween has passed but seriously how cute are we!

This is the cover of Cody's 16 book.
I decoupaged images of one of my fave artists on the cover and of covered it all with a layer of mod podge. The girl is actually from a 6 pack of beer. I saw her in Trader Joes and bought the beer just so that I could cut her out and use her on the album!

TIP: Just like my beer girl, inspiration is everywhere! If you see something that catches your eye and makes you smile use it in one of your creations!

I loved this book but hindsight the design of the book isn't so great for a book that's going to be looked at over and over. The pages were a bit too thin and the design of the book opening on both sides was a little much to work with for the amount of pictures I was working with.

TIP: stick with a traditional scrapbook for big projects with lots of photos (I had HUNDREDS for these books). My all time fave book is still the Creative Memories 12 x 12 strap bound album. It stands up to the test of time and lots of page turning. I went with that book for Kallie's 16 album. Use the more fun and interesting books like this one for smaller projects.

Kristin asked a while back for me to show a completed page. This is one of my fave pages in the book that I did for Kallie's 16th. It's simple and gets the message across clearly but it's interesting to look at with a few fun pink letters and squares of paper. These papers were mostly from the Amy Butler for K and Company Collection (bought at Michaels). I really love to buy paper packs like the K and Company ones. They make it super easy to create b/c all the guess work of what goes with what is gone!

When working with lots of photos on a page try to keep the spacing between each picture about the same. It will give it a much cleaner look. Think back to HS yearbook!

TIP: The thing to remember when scrapbooking is that you really can't go wrong. Those are your memories and getting them on the page is way more important than what papers and stickers you use! Your kids and family are not going to sit down and critique your technique. Most likely they are going to ooooh and ahhh over looking at themselves. Almost everyone loves to look at photos of themselves.

This is a shot of my organization process for Aunt Sue's 50th book that I did last year. When doing these big books I don't go in chronological order. I find it boring. I usually do groupings that make sense like siblings, pets, school days, etc...

(side note: I AM SO BUMMED that my fave adhesive is no more! Look at the top left of this photo and I had a bucket of refills. Those are all gone now and I am looking for my next fave. Any suggestions would be marvelous!)

Happy Friday from little Lacy with a big smile and a slight overbite.