She's Alive! Hawaii Highlights.

Ladies and Gents I've got a Mac!  
I can almost hear you clapping and cheering!
I've once again joined the human race with a laptop!  WAHOO!  I've just loaded our Hawaii pictures to my handy dandy new little laptop love... BEHOLD!
THIS might possibly be my favorite picture I've taken to date.  The way I felt under these trees coupled with the long sweet sleep I had this night will stay with me for a long time.  You betcha it's getting printed and framed.  
There are SO many photos to sort through!  Here are a few first look favorites!
Morning hike up to the Pill Boxes.  
Cody climbed this tree like he's lived in trees his whole life.

When in paradise-- must do a little yoga graffiti. :)

Olomana!  It's a good story.  We came, we climbed, we conquered.
Stand Up Paddle Board!

How you been?  Catch me up!