She's all grown up!

We're headed to Texas ya'll!

My littlest sis Kallie is graduating from High School! I can't help but remember this completely delightful little girl.

She's quite beautifully grown up now.

She's the funny one of the group (and we all pride ourselves on being pretty funny round my family). My very favorite Kallie story is: One day she came home from kindergarten with a pipe cleaner twisted around her wrist like a bracelet. I asked her what it was for and without skipping a beat she says "It symbolizes my love for pie!" I've never looked at pie the same since. I look at it and go awww PIE! LOL

I'm so excited to see my family AND to be traveling with Cliff after all my solo travels this year!

Have a wonderful Memorial weekend!
To family time and my beautiful little sis!