Shutterfly book success!

Ok I've just spent 3 hours on Shutterfly making an album of Cody's HS grad from June.


I just love Shutterfly for a quickie (ok I donno how quick 3 hours is but you know) album for one event. I went with the 8x8 hard cover this time with a black background and white writing. I tend to keep the books super simple and let the photos do the talking.

I look at these photos of them and still see Cody and Kallie (my little bro and sis) at 2 and 3 years old. I wonder if it will always be that way?
It almost seems like those two little kids still exist in the world somewhere and these new bigger 17 and 18 year old people get to exist too.

It is now nearing 11 and I feel my eyes crossing, shoulders hunching from sitting here to long. Must get up, must shower, must take my vitamins and officially get this day going! Isn't it funny that I feel like I have to separate from my computer to truly get the day going?

I am so glad I got that done! Yay! Another book for the shelf and more photos that made it successfully out of the camera into the computer and into print in some form or fashion!

Wishing you a most productive day yourself!