Snake Wrangler!

We've had the most perfect Sunday. It is my first day off since getting back from Texas so we've taken full advantage (because togetherness is a wonderful thing). Cliff keeps saying that it feels like we are on vacation. Yeah, the day is that perfect!

We slept in, woke up slow, made mimosas and pancakes, bacon and eggs. Then to the pool to layout, read, swim and back home to sit on our patio and enjoy. No chores today... just enjoying each other! We just got dressed up in clothes that we felt were vacation worthy ; ) and went out for an early dinner (a real treat b/c we've really been working on eating at home). We just got back home and as we are walking out of the garage Cliff says - WOAH a snake! So I ran inside for the camera! Cliff freed him from the garage and sent him slithering back into the woods. Ew, I still have the heebie jeebies.

Look how it fill up the entire photo! Cliff says they get like 6 feet long. Umm let's hope that he isn't partial to our garage.

I hope that your Sunday feels like a vacation.
: )