Sounds of the morning

I am sipping my morning mint tea, mom is already giggling, Cody is showering, Cliff has left for work and Ned is eating and I am certain the Hinge is still sleeping. We leave for Hawaii tomorrow so today is sure to be filled with last minute running around, clothes washing, itunes downloading, etc...

So far...

We did family yoga one day and ran our stairs the next.
Cliff gave Cody some of his super cool scuba gear.

He's now almost all set to dive in his new home.

Cliff's work did a free CPR day at a baseball game to teach the community how to perform CPR. Did you know that you don't have to do the mouth-to-mouth part anymore!?

I saw a really cool beetle? on our zucchini plant.

We've been laughing... a lot.

and doing our fair share of cuddles and quality time.

That about covers it. I am off to shower and dress and we are off! I hope that your Monday is most marvelous!