Style alert!

Today it happened.
I officially realized something...

Lean in... can you hear me? I know I'm whispering but I don't want the whole world to know... pssst. Are you there? Umm I think that I have no idea what my own personal style is.

So I'm watching Oprah with Rita Wilson doing makeovers and I'm thinking-- mmmmkay what is my personal style? What words would I use to describe myself and how can I translate that to clothes?

What do you love to wear?
What colors inspire you?
What do you feel pretty in?

Oh all good questions and I certainly have answers but I think I've fallen deep into a uniform rut. My daily uniform being some form of t shirt, jeans and flip flops. Mind you my 1 pair of jeans is fabulous, my t shirts are too and you've already heard about my fave pair of flip flops ever but seriously eeek!

Case in point... a lovely black t with jeans.

Same T in blue with jeans! And oooop wait for it....

The same T in white with the same jeans! LOL Is anyone else finding this completely hilarious? Oh muh gawd! MUST BRANCH OUT!

I think I might even have to What Not To Wear my closet again!?

Oh someone help!

No, seriously.


Here's what I know for sure on the matter. I like to feel great in the clothes I am in (yeah who doesn't). Umm I no longer wear brown so that's a check plus. I stick to what I know looks decent, there again STRONG WORK, Lacy! But I think it's time to expand a tad.

I'm excited to start looking for icons and people who inspire me so that I can start coming into my style. I know that I always choose a solid over a print (and I am happy with that). I'm not afraid of color but I reflex towards bruise clothes (you know, black and blue).

Here are Rita's ten tips to tune your technique. Click to expand. : )

You can download Rita's tips here.

I just asked Cliff how he'd describe me in three words so that I can fix the wardrobe conundrum and he says 1. Open 2. Hopeful 3. Positive. Good words, I totally agree with him. Ok- I'm taking those three words and headed to the closet to make some happy piles and a list! Wish me luck!

Do you know your personal style?

I hope that you feel fabulous today! Fabulous and stylish!