Sunday Update

Here's what's been happening with me!

Got my hair cut and had it blown out for funZees

FINALLY bought a pair of jeans that fit my bod! Yes that is my bum bum. Cliff took it for me : ) Nordstrom never lets me down. I love being able to walk in and say "ok I need ____" and with in a few minutes there are 20 of those in the dressing room waiting for me. I miss that kind of service out in the world. It's even sweeter though when you do run across it.

Oh but if thought the bum bum photo was racy it gets better! I bought a penis cookie in San Fran yesterday. It's a chocolate covered macaroon. I could not resist. Hilarious, right! At least I took a tasteful picture. : p I think they'd make great gifties at a bachelorette party!

I updated my Aunt Mary's blog with a shiny new look.

Ok this one takes a little explaining... true story...

On the way to our getaway weekend to Napa the traffic was brutal so we hopped off the freeway to grab some dinner. As we were looking all around for where to stop, Cliff completely ran a stoplight. We both knew it had happened and I saw the gigantic flash from the Big Brother Is Always Watching Traffic Cam.

Sure enough last week we received a hefty ticket in the mail! I wondered if they would send it to me since it was my car he was driving but nope they knew it was Cliff! They ran the photo against drivers license photos and got him! Scary! They even blocked out my face! I think it is funny that Cliff is a frowny face in the photo so I made mine to match. : )

And now I am going to send my boss lady a few fun picts that I took with her son the other day and then update the look of the retail in the studio.

That's all she wrote for the mega post! Happy Sunday!