Sundays like this

makes me smile all day long!

Along the way...
Pictures from the car : )

Saw an old downtown painted on the back of an old downtown.

This old house was in the middle of no where and I just loved it.

Cypress tress means we are getting close! These are Cypress tress right Mema?

I have no idea what these plants are but I loved them.
They look like octopus stacked all over each other.

Hey I know you!

Pretty much the coolest man in a tree I've ever seen.

In attempts to find a less populated beach we drove into a neighborhood that said NO OUTLET- (always a good sign) found a place to park and then headed to the water! It was just a short hike and we found the perfect little trail to take us there.

By the time we left this dad and his two sons had this fort completely finished and covered in seaweed! It was totally brown! I didn't get a photo of the after but how cute is the before with a little pee assist on the left and the fort guard dog on the right. That's a pretty cool way to spend a Sunday with dad on the beach if you ask me!

We found the perfect little picnic spot in the alcove of some big rocks.
Everyone needs a chip they will respect in the morning, right?

We do yoga everywhere : ) A little crow pose for ya.

ta da!

and a dancer.
and a tree. : )
Ok this rock was really high up there and when I got up there all I could do is sit on it so I was most impressed that Cliff could stand there on one leg!
Thank you Burger King for a surprisingly clean
bathroom potty stop and this super cute sign!

Have a marvelous Monday!