Terrific Tuesday!

Today has been quite a day so far! I did two hours of yoga, had a lovely spinach salad for lunch and now am a rap tap tapping at my computer.

I am so excited about my guest bloggers! Thank you lovely ladies! Let's say have em to my by the end of next week?! I've got two so far and there are 12 days of Christmas so keep them coming! xoxo

Well, yesterday I was dying (pun intended) to dye my curtains in the bedroom. Actually I just wanna buy new curtains but as times are tight dying is the option. I got a rubber tub out of the garage, removed the screen from my kitchen window. Sat the tub outside on the patio filled with black dye and then proceeded to go back into the kitchen climb onto the counter, open the window and turn on the really really hot water. I then stuck the nozzle out the window and began a filling my tub! Genius right! I was ever so proud of them and as day turned to night and they started to dry I noticed that they are not black as I'd intended but the most gorgeous shade of chocolate brown. MEMA! You were right, you are always right! I giggled insanely as I hung them back up in our bedroom with grey walls and now chocolate brown curtains. Much better than the sage green that they started out as but still not quite there. Oh the lessons I learn... LISTEN TO MEMA!

Happy day all!