Man is it just me or did it take an act of God this week to get to Friday? Whewwwwww! He never lets me down though, those Friday afternoons keep showing up. My throat is really sore and I spend half the time sounding really sexy (ok maybe not half) and the other half hacking and sounding really pathetically froggy.

I talked to Tricia of Cocoa Daisy (you must get on her kit club subscription, it is a great way to keep your creative juices flowing and stay inspired to create! I can't wait for my latest one to arrive. It's the last in my subscription so it is time to re up!) yesterday and she said that they closed the kids school down for two days up in Oregon b/c of this throat thing. Can you even believe that!

Today my mission is small things to equal a big gesture! You all know that I am a fan of small... first it was the MINI Cooper, then the Scooter and now my SMART car. I like those tiny hotel bottles and get downright giddy over a single serving jar of jam or honey. I donno what the deal is I just like small stuff. It's cute and for some reason feels special. If you have just a dollop (great word) of honey it's so much more special then squeezing from the CostCo sized giant plastic bear. Can't you just hear the bottle sound of the squeeze now! PHhhhhhhhh!

Sooooo in order to indulge that small loving side of me I am headed out to buy all the necessaries for a mini bar. I am going to create an oasis in our bedroom, complete with those mini airline sized liquor bottles. I am even thinking I will create a sexy price list... instead of a $4 bag of chips it might cost a 10 second kiss and so on. From there I am headed to the fabric store to find the best bargain on some great fabric to rip up and create a tent over our bed. It is going to be a sexy getaway right here at home. I'll post a few photos of how it turns out later in the day!

I've got a few meetings today so it will be whirlwind multi tasking getting it all together but I can do it!

What fun things are you planning for this weekend of love? If you find yourself with out a love this Valentines day then I expect you will be planning something extra special for yourself! After all you're the coolest and you deserve it!

Speaking of small and cute! My friend Kathy sent this to me today and it is definitely cuter than a small jar of jam!

Kingsford Goes to the Beach - For more funny videos, click here


ps- Dennis Quaid wants a coffee! Tee hee! Wasn't that just the best laughter inducing thing ever! I called Kayla at about 11 pm her time last night to insist that she remove her self from bed and go get a dose of good good laughter. I always sleep better after a good belly laugh and I am betting that last night Kayla did too!