The After

We have one big open space for living and dining and big furniture so it's been L O T S of arrange and re arrange in this space to see what works best! I think it's cool that the TV reads Memorial Day Weekend in the first photo. That was a total accident but cool!

I am standing in the entry way taking this one. I really only moved two pieces of furniture and then scooted the rest to fit the new design. So the bar that you see below used to be in the corner where the long table is now. I turned it around and we are now using it as a mega mail center and storage! I don't know why I didn't think of it before. I guess because it is a bar and I felt like we should have it full of bar stuff but we never used the bar stuff and this way the piece will really get used! yay!

The space to the left of the tv is an open hole and work in progress. We plan to do a built in unit for fire wood and electronics one day soon. : ) Ah home improvement, I am not sure that it ever ends!

Ta da the bar and I LOVE this picture, it reads "come in sit back and relax and make yourself wonderful" It makes me smile all the time.

The table on the far right used to be behind the couch. It is really big so it's hard to find a space that is perfect for it. I plan to move the masks a little to the right to fit with the new position of the table.

I scooted the couch back to the wall so it really opened the living room up and the whole space feels much larger. We are really liking it all so far!

I hope that you are all enjoying your homes this weekend.