The Big Reveal Wrap Up!

Soaks, Salts and Muscle Rub round out the line and the big label and menu reveal!

Thank you all so much for your enthusiasm and support as this little dream is realized. 

I am ready and waiting to fill your 2011 orders.

OMG 2011 + orders... crazy cool!
All my smell good organic love!

This one may be my favorite label! 
Why Arnica Balm?
Yoga often leaves me with sore muscles and I love the power in this flower!  It has a light wonderful minty scent, rubs on smooth in a no mess container (looks like a gigantic lip balm, same roll up style).

These are amazing and part of my feel good ritual.
Each 15 ounce container comes with a muslin bag for steeping.
Float it in the water or hang it on the faucet and let the water run through it.

oops just found a typo- these are 15 oz not 48 oz.  Always a few hiccups when rolling things out. ; p

Healing, healing, double triple healing.
These are packaged in little paint cans (48 oz).  Super cute tub side with your rubber duckie!

The After Tapas is inspired by Jennifer's new Hot Tapas yoga series that will be featured at Breathe.  Think Bikram but much gentler and more forgiving.  The After Tapas blend is perfect for soaking away your soreness and helping to move all that lactic acid out of the muscles that gets squeezed in class!

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