The Dream of Staff

Lately I've been dreaming of having staff. No, not the infection! I want the kind of staff that makes your life easier. How great would it be to have someone to cook for you and drum roll please.... DO THE LAUNDRY and even put it AWAY and everything! That has to be my least favorite household chore. For some reason I can wash em, I can fold em, but when it comes to putting em away they just sit in a pile for a few days or dare I say until I wear it again and it needs to go back into the dirty pile. I am not sure what that is but I've decided it would be much better to just have staff. And what would I do with all this new found time since I won't be cooking or cleaning or washing, etc... I believe I'd flit!

Flit ladies and gents is our word for travel around and be happy without any cares in the world. A flitter wakes up when she wants to and goes to bed when she wants to. A flitter explores new places on a whim and doesn't worry about having enough money. A flitter has excess money (hence the no cares in the world part). One day I will be able to flit. But in order to do so we'd need staff to keep the mansion all sparkly and running. Oh I forgot to mention that we'd have a mansion too but you probably figured that.

I'm thinking a modest staff of 5 to start and then more if needed. There would of course be a waiting list to be on my staff because I would be the best boss in all the land. They would of course get an array of free t shirts when they signed on and you can bet your little buns they'd be way cooler shirts than this one!

Feel free to sign up here to become staff or flitting friends. : ) Happy MLK day.