The power of change.

Sometimes you receive confirmations that you are right where you should be, doing exactly what you should be doing... this testimonial is profoundly heart warming and affirming for me.   


The 6 month journey that I took with Lacy was one of the most life changing experiences I have ever been on.  I had been thinking about what I eat, how I eat, and my whole relationship with food for a while.  When I met with Lacy I felt that I could finally get some answers as to why at 28 years old, I still didn't know how to feed myself!  Little did I know how much my relationship with food (the why, where and what of it all) was connected to so many other decisions and parts of my life.  I wasn't sleeping well, so I was tired all the time.  I was over-extending my adrenals and putting my poor body through more stress than necessary.  I had guilt/ mood swings when I ate something rich or splurged on dessert. The voice in my head was constantly shouting that I was making the wrong decisions, but I didn't know how to fix it.  Then came Lacy.

I am happy to say that over the past 6 months I have improved immensely!  I eat without guilt, knowing that a little splurge every now and then won't kill me.  I am fully off all sleep aids and sleep sound the whole night.  I am taking big steps to improve the health of my adrenals, things I never thought I'd do ( giving up coffee for yummy tea's, and no more alcohol).  I grocery shop without fear or confusion, I am cooking delicious healthy meals at home, and feel an over all sense of balance and peace being restored to my body.  I feel my mind is clearer, my path in life more fully defined, and that the food monkey on my back finally went back to it's cage!  I couldn't have done it without the immense love and support that Lacy provided, her knowledge and warmth made the whole process a joy and not a chore.  Food is our fuel, our friend, and a big part of our lives, it's time to stop being confused by it and learn to love it!   -JM

Now that's what I call a testimonial!
 Thanks, JM.  I am so grateful to have worked with you through my 6 month health coaching program.  So grateful.