The Rage

You all know it.

You may not call it The Rage like I do but you have it. Those ugly monthly hormonal ladies days when you want to scream, cry, eat something very very bad for you, cry, take a bath, no go for a walk, no watch tv, no... what was I about to do again? Oh yes, cry. AHHHH! You know, there are some cultures who celebrate women when they are menstruating... but how the hell can we enjoy and be wise and celebrated when we are so pissed off from the PMS days leading up to the joyous flow?

It's been a doozie of a week (umm and it's only Wednesday).
The universe has been trying VERY hard to remind me to slow down.

I got a flat.

Rear ended someone in stop and go traffic, a first. No cars or people were injured in my attempt to drive in the rain and answer a ringing phone.

I was trying to catch a closing door and my right middle finger got caught. Blood blister, instant tears and I seriously thought I might pass out.

OK I get it. Slow down. Focus, pay attention. Breathe. Wooo Saaa.

I want... to go shopping and spend loads of money, eat something cakey and maybe ice cream too, can't decide. I want to scream and then dance and then go swimming in a perfectly heated pool, naked of course. I want to fly to TX and scoop up Rachel and go roller blading in Mongolia with purple leg warmers while drinking beer and giggling insanely. Yeap, that all sounds good. Ok I am going to go eat a biscuit that Cliff just made for me... because he is excellent at negotiating me with The Rage!

Seriously these are the best! Find them at the frozen food section at Whole Foods.
25 minutes in a toaster oven and they are perfect! They help fight The Rage. ; )