The week ahead.

This week is a BIG one.

Today welcome ePackets start going out for our 2nd Level 1 class, New Year, New You!  There's still time for you to join us.  If you're wavering... the swag this round is pretty unbelievable including items from Curly Girl Design, Bob's Red Mill and Glow Gluten-Free Cookies (and more)!  Yes, we're health coaches who believe in cookies!  Class begins Wednesday 6 PST you can sign up as late as noon PST on Wednesday.

Tomorrow is my birthday!  The big 33.  And I gotta tell ya, age has never meant so little.  I literally have zero response to the number though odd years tend to be great ones in my life.  I am excited about a day dedicated to me.  Birthdays have always been really big in my family and even though as we've gotten older they are less of a big deal I still maintain that they're huge. :)

Wednesday is the first call for New Year, New You!   I love call 1, it's all beginning and they have no idea how subtly, massively, lovingly their lives are about to change in the best of ways.  Just ask this first group... Lisa and I talk weekly about the amazing changes we've seen in our group and how exciting it is to be a part of each journey.     

Thursday Cliff flys to San Diego for a BIG EXCITING job interview.

Friday I make sure my bags are ready, tie up all the loose ends, kiss Cliff and Ned a million gillion times and
Saturday I FLY to my new home on Oahu!

Safe to say that so far this is my favorite week of 2012!
Thanks for all your emails and comments about well wishes and following along with my Hawaii journey!

Have a wonderful week!  Talk to you tomorrow!  Oh and if you've not yet "liked" my FB page  please do join in.  I give daily tips on healthy living and it's just a happy little place to be on the interweb. :)  I'd love to see what you're eating for lunch, receive your moved by words photo submissions, hear about your fave things where health is concerned and develop a little community there.

Much love,