These Old Habits Make Me Happy

When we were kids Mema used to plop us down with the Sunday paper and a pen. We'd go through all the ads and circle to our hearts desire all the things we wanted. I don't remember if we ever got any of the things we circled (surely we did at some point) but I do remember how much fun we had and how inspiring it was to me.

These days I still do a version of that. When a new magazine or catalog comes in the mail I grab a pen and sit down to start circling! I tear out the page in the magazine almost immediately when I see something I love. I write myself little notes for fun and to remember why I liked it or why it inspired me. I have a file in my studio that they all go into and every once in a while I'll pull them out for inspiration or when I need to get someone a gift. The things I really really really want get pinned up on my bulletin board in my studio so that I can manifest it's way into my life.

Here are 3 that were at the top of my recent stack from my tear and circle ritual :)

Are you a magazine page ripper outter?
Have a great weekend!