They're engaged!

So says Facebook!
Isn't it amazing what FB has done for our lives!
So many people will find out big news b/c of FB status changes, etc.
Of course I knew before logging into Facebook today but I thought I'd let it illustrate the point! Kind of cool don't you think!

Tracy said that:
He proposed while watching the sunset overlooking the Agean Sea on Santorini!

I say:
Umm yeah that doesn't suck! I am so excited! It's wedding planning time woot woo!

Congratulations Tracy and Shawn! Cliff and I wish you every happiness and we have a chair built for two with your name on it for family night!

T, I can't wait for you to get home so that we can hold your hand and hurt our eyes on your massive sparkling diamond and hear every detail! I am ready to swoon!