They're out and we're over the moon!

After over a year of planning and work Cliff is a patented inventor and we have his invention in production! Behold the Clifftech Cervical Spine Strap!

What does it do you ask? Well I'll tell ya! You know when you see someone down on a backboard (think spine injury, sporting events-- carried off the field, side of the road car accident that kind of thing) well our straps are what keep you on that board without falling off (yeap sometimes the other guys straps fail and you slip right off, not cool). Cliff invented a newer better more effective and cost efficient strap! It's the best quality with a price that will make any EMS (emergency medical service) agency happy and you just don't see that anymore now do ya!

Our first order went out into the world on Friday and by now should be riding along in each and every ambulance in that county! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

We stuffed 900 straps into mesh bags to package them up! Each bag gets two black and one yellow. I'm literally sitting on the back stack.
We've got high hopes for these little straps! If you know anyone in EMS (fire, medic, emt, police, etc) and think they might have need for the best C-spine straps ever please send them my way!

Ned was a big help too. He chased the rubber bands that held the straps together until he pooped himself right out. He's so excited he can hardly contain himself.

Happy ta-ta-Tuesday!