This is the weather we pay for!

Today is AMAZINGLY beautiful, 74 with a bright blue sky! I've got everything open, the radio on and I am puttering! HAPPINESS! Ned and I ate breakfast on the patio. I made pancakes with creme fraische and strawberries! Yeah it was as good as it sounds.

We have visitors at the pond! Each year they come two by two and I love it so much. To live in a place where nature comes to you is pretty cool. Look at the bottom left and you'll see the ducks! I've got my eye out for Mary Kate and Ashley!

Ned is being super sweet today he's following me around like a mamma duck. I love being home. I hope your Saturday is super deee duper! I am off to make lunch, caprese salad (mozzarella, tomato and basil with balsamic vinegar). Yeah that sounds mmmmm!