This week in my world!

Drum ROLL please! We put Sanjuana's room together yesterday and it is soooo beautiful! Proof positive that you can do a lot with a little! Full story and picts coming tomorrow! How cute is Cliff will all his tools lined up!

This little lady heads back to Texas this week (she's been here since June)! I am going to miss her more than I realize.

Kayla is here this week for work! How funny are the cats eating at the same angle! If you look in the background on the table you will see my RVA canvas bag from my trip to Missouri! I've been using it for my back and forth to yoga bag. : )
Let's talk about junk food! Oh we've seen a fair amount of it since Kallie and Emily have been hanging out round here. I saw these at Target and they made me giggle.
Love that it's recycling and that it's only a buck! You know how I love to organize in bags these would be great little tampon holders in your purse (that's what I'd use it for anyway)!

And speaking of food... I am going to see this movie this week!
I am sure it goes hand in hand with all I am learning in nutrition school! I am telling ya I am betting this process, this school is going to change my life, BIG TIME!

Hope your week is full of fun! Happy Monday!