Through her lens

This is me photographing the ceiling I showed you here. I actually got a lot of great ceiling photos that I really love. Here are two more.
Leigh-Ann took this photo and found it so interesting how I choose to shot the photo. She said that she'd taken picts of the ceiling earlier and had just bent down and held her camera out to snap the picture from the ground looking up.

For me that is what is so great about taking photos. 20 people could photograph this ceiling and I betcha we'd all do it a little differently.

May you go forth and capture moments in your own special way! Aaand if you have a friend cool enough to capture you capturing your cool moments hold on to her. : ) Thank you for taking this picture, LA. I take so so many pictures and it is rare that I have my picture taken and I LOVE IT! It's a moment I will remember.

Happy Thursday!