Today is strange but life is happy.

Today is a strange day. It just is. The weather is funky. It is one of those grey days that feels like fog has been spread thick over the top of us like icing on a cake. I got up early (which you all know by now that I loathe). I donno it just feels weird.

In happy news last night I met the women who is going to become my piano teacher. That is one of the things that has come out of my work in The Artist's Way. Are you tired of hearing about that yet? Oh I hope not. I want to learn how to play piano.

It was the most magical moment. I was at a wine bar with live music and the main event invited his beloved up to play us a little tune. So this little grey haired lady in a butterfly sweater sat down and proceeded to play the most beautiful piece. I felt with every note she was gifting me a little bit of her wisdom and love. I soaked it all in. As she walked back to her chair her husband gave her a little smooch and smile and she sat down. I went right up to her and told her how lovely that was and asked if she would teach me to play. She smiled the biggest smile and said that she would and gave me her phone number.

You can barely see her in the left corner of the photo. This was a camera phone moment.

Cliff has all but mastered the hoola hoop. This is his serious hoop face. LOL Gotta say, I've got it bad for this guy. He's super dreamy and that we have hoola hoop nights OMG somebody fan me off.

And you wanna laugh? How funny is this picture! I love it.

Happy Friday friends!