Truth over crepes.

Cliff was out of town in San Diego at a trade show for CliffTech most of this week and so I filled my free time with long periods of silence interspersed with girl friends, real and true.  

I had brunch with a girl friend and over crepes we discussed love and that inner compass that guides called truth, our personal truth.  It was a thoughtful and meaningful discussion on business and pleasure--- On living our bliss and doing it authentically.  It was tremendously affirming.

I had creative meeting with my little sister who is currently in Barcelona.  Discussing the book we're writing together and the landscape of our lives.  I can't help but think that the words would flow among the creations of Gaudi if only we could sit together in the sun for a little while and strum our keyboards together.  Sigh.

Might I suggest you spend some time over crepes with a kindred spirit?  I promise it will steer you right back to the heart.  Wishing you love, flowing creativity and abundance.