Try, try again!

Remember the art wall?

I received this as a gift and it wasn't really our style so...

I painted it to look like this and that really didn't do it for me...
So then I painted over it in white and did a collage of clippings...

and now I love it!

For YEARS I've been clipping words out of magazines and storing them in a cigar box. It's something I do for inspiration or to pass time. I use them for misc projects and decoupage fun!

Ned LOVES the smell of the cigar box and every time I open the box he rubs has face all over it, purrs so loudly and drools all over it. I've lost a few good words to the Ned drool. He wore himself out and decided to just sleep there. : )

Ta da here it is now!
The shiny one in the middle reflecting the flash is Cliff's Patent : ) I am sitting on top of the washer to get this photo. It's a skinny hallway.
The view that I see as I round the corner and head down the hall.

We went through all our corks and added two more. The first is our wedding day cork, the second is my 1 year post op and the 3rd is the day we got Cliff's patent. Good stuff and room for more good things to come! And you can see that The Hinge finally made it to the wall too! It took me forever to get that photo printed but now the whole household is up there.

To make your own collage frame:

*find a frame with a good space to work with. You don't have to paint it first unless you want to. I just did that to start over with a neutral base.

*start clipping! Pick words that inspire you or colors or pictures. Whatever makes you smile. You could do one of just images or just color blocks (the jcrew catalog would be so good for color blocks)! Make sure that you vary the sizes, colors, etc to keep it interesting.

*I used a scrapbooking tape runner adhesive to stick the clippings to the frame then put a coat of Mod Podge over everything to seal it all and give it a glossy finish. I LOVE MOD PODGE! We always had it in our house growing up and mom used it for so many of her craft projects. It's just one of those staple craft supplies!

That's all you need!
Seriously how cute! When I walk down the hallway now it makes me smile!