There's been a lot of TWO talk lately so I thought I'd do a little one, two blog posting!


So first things first! My sister-in-law is pregnant with TWINS! TWINS, there will be two! When my brother told me I thought that he was kidding. For days I could not wrap my brain around it... there will be TWO! I can't even imagine how Nicole felt laying there in the doctor's office when she heard the news. Two... two... two... woah. TWO! Their son, Austin isn't even a year old yet and he is going to be a big brother to two!

They are going to be an amazing family of 5! Nicole and Dustin are such great parents. They are so patient with Austin and take everything in stride. You know how some women just have that parenting gene? That's Nicole!

I am so happy for you guys. Two couldn't happen to two better people! I guess this means no Christmas in California, eh! LOL I am just kidding. You've earned it, we'll come to you. That is until we all have kids and then it's a coin toss. : )


I can't imagine my life without my little sister. After reading her last two posts about Potential and A Nostalgic Bonus it got me thinking...

As you are all well aware Cliff and I are having an ongoing baby conversation (Mom, did you just pee in your pants a little with excitement?) and the other day we were talking numbers. I can see us as great parents of one but the fact that I have a Kayla keeps bringing me back to two. I find myself fighting for our second child (yes I know we are not even pregnant with the first but still a girl has to plan-- at least in her mind).

I find it pretty cool to be in the midst of this internal dialogue and thought it worthy of a blog post. So often the second kid receives the brunt of the labels i.e. Kayla's "smart kid" and "baby fat." BUT without that second kid I would not be the oldest and for years I would have been the "only child." Talk about labels!

Reading Kayla's words always transport me to a place where I am standing right beside her watching it all unfold. I can taste it, feel it, see it all playing out there for me. She is the one person on the planet that knows how to make a tent from sheets with pony tail holders and scrunchies just the way it should be done. She understands the importance of setting up the Barbie and My Little Pony village with precision before we begin playing. She split the 50 yard line with me in high school drill team. She shared a twin sized bed with me for a weekend before leaving for her semester of college in Spain and still we couldn't seem to soak up enough of one another before being faced with all that time apart. She was there for me when I was crying over my divorce. She was there for me when I was giggling and getting ready for my wedding. She was there for me during my surgery and held my hand when I cried after what felt like my 100th new iv. She is there for me still when I need to boast or complain. She truly hears me. She knows my little quirks and moods.

I know that we are a best case scenario when it comes to siblings but I can't help but think that two is a great number.

Here's to TWO!