The past two Sundays I've been creating a cork door mat. I made one ages ago that now lives under our garden gate.  It was a great first run but was too small and leaves, dirt, etc got stuck between the corks forcing some to stick out and break off.  Mema just sent me a box of goodies and in it was a bunch of corks.  They inspired me to give making a door mat another go!

Start with a piece of wood and corks. 
Cut wood to desired size. 
Arrange cork heart to get an idea of size.
Use wood glue to add wine corks stained side up for the heart center.
ta da! The wood glue worked perfectly.  
When it was all said and done I used gorilla glue to adhere the wood backing to an old yoga mat.
And then came filling in the holes!  I first tried cutting thin pieces of cork to lay into the gaps but it was taking forever.  Mema suggested using caulk so I raided the garage and started filling!
The caulking process faded the wine stained corks so I painted them with red acrylic paint. 

A view of the side: two rows of cork border, the wood and yoga mat.  I was going to trim it out with the leftover yoga mat but decided against it.
Cliff thinks it looks like a giant sheet cake. I joke that we'll have this mat for the next 50 years.  
This baby is STURDY!
What have you been creating lately?  
I'm at Curly Girl today with an amazing smoothie recipe for Habits of Happiness and a BIG giveaway! 
In fact THIS is the week of BIG!  Stay tuned for Wednesday when I reveal the NEXT BIG lacylike event!  This one needs a bigger better word than BIG, it's that good!
Happy Monday!