We can't help it, we just love weeds!

LOL I said weeds, not weed. When we were kids we used to love blowing on dandelions and watching the fuzzy little petals fly away into the sky. I am sure most people have some form of that memory. When Kayla was planning her wedding we were discussing options for what to do as they were leaving (you know like throwing rice, rose petals etc). She said "Hey how about those white flower thingeys we used to blow when we were kids? That would be really cool!" I cracked up laughing and said that the University of Texas would probably not like it if we blew weeds all over their campus.

I think of it now every time I see them and it makes me smile. I have been reflecting on my childhood a lot lately because of my work in The Artist's Way. I am LOVING the book! It is full of marvelous questions that send you on worthy explorations of your life. Every day I work on it I get to know myself a little bit better. I'm actually pretty fabulous. ; p I thought I'd pass on a few questions for you to think on that I just answered last week. Perhaps these will make a fun entry in your journal this week.

1. My favorite childhood toy was...

2. My favorite childhood game was...

3. The best movie I saw as a kid was...

4. Describe your childhood room. What was your favorite thing about it? What's your favorite thing about your room now?

5. Describe 5 traits you like in yourself as a child.

On a side note I have a whole scrapbook worth of photos like the one at the top of the post that have been all cut out to fit on a collage page. It cracks me up b/c I'd never do that now but it is a sign of those times and I love them all. Mom made us magnetic albums with amazing stitched covers when we were kids. Of course years later we took everything out of the magnetic albums to preserve the photos so now I have a stack of cut out photos that tell the story of my childhood. I find it really poetic because isn't that what we all remember of childhood anyway? Little cut out moments that elicit emotion, spark a memory and take us back to that very moment in time. I am so very thankful to have had a childhood full of love and wonder.

ps- Kayla and Brian we are missing you guys a lot since your last visit. Love you!