We laughed til our faces hurt!

The show last night was awesome and we were on the 9th row on the floor!
They were such great seats! It was so much fun to spend time with Emily. She is one of the coolest people I know. She is so genuine and full of life and love, she inspires me.

This is my excited and giggly face. lol I was standing on my chair trying to get a good shot of Dane Cook heading up to the stage.
From my chair looking down, what a cutie pop!

I really didn't get a good photo b/c of the 8 rows of big heads in front of us but these give you perspective to how close we were, no zoom used. : )

Emily, thank you for a fun night o laughter!

Here are the two albums that I was telling ya about. So the first one I really love b/c I cut up my favorite pair of sweat pants from my freshman year in college to weave into the cover. I always try to do some little touch in each one of my books that is meaningful to me and puts my loving energy into the creation. That is a little known fact about my designs and a practice that is here to stay.

I will have the complete books up on Flickr late in the week. We are headed to Texas tomorrow for Cody's HS graduation! I am so excited to see the fam and all be together.

Happy Monday!