Wedding Mini

I think it must be the cool weather or something b/c I have been on a crafty streak lately! I finished Jenn's Wedding Mini of her sisters big day last year and made it with a reversible cover which is super fun!

There's something really great about a wedding mini album b/c it tells the story without exhausting you. Wedding pictures can be endless once you start adding in this section of family and that section and don't forget about great Aunt so and so who walked all the way here to see you get married! LOL You get the point. ; )

The 2008 book is in progress and I am almost done with my books of old cards and letters. I made two of them, 1 for family and 1 for friends.
Here's a peek at the family one.

I went with tabs to mark each section. I used a big tab punch (love that thing).

I am going to decorate each tabbed page with photos of the person. I figure it's a great way to put all those old photos that get printed but don't make it into a book into use. The photo you can see if of Mema at Cody's graduation. I cropped and blew it up too much so it's grainy but I just love it and so it became my first Mema photo on the page.

I also finished a love gift this weekend for Tracy to celebrate her engagement. I will show you that one after I give it to her. : )

Today is super busy...
doing two massages. Oh hey did you guys know that I am a massage therapist too? So many tools in this girls toolbox! LOL I am multi purpose.

lots of Monday type phone calls to make and following up on many many Clifftech items.
We are headed to our first trade show this month and there is much to be done! Including buying plane tix... better add that to my list of Monday to do's.

OH and they have the water turned off, AGAIN! Apparently the new piping is much larger or smaller then the old and it caused two more days of this. Yours truly totally forgot and soaped up her hands and then when I turned the faucet on there was this teensy tiny little stream of nothing. Luckily my man did remember and filled up extra water in the fridge. Not sure why he put it in the fridge though.

Aaaand I am helping Jen lead a cleanse to compliment my nutrition schooling so there will be more info on that coming!

Happy Monday friends!