Weekend Creative

It was a super creative and comfy fun weekend!

These are going to grow up to be on a tote bag. I'm calling it 'imperfect heart.' I've got all the hearts cut out and I plan to finish sewing them evenings this week.
Leigh Ann featured an art rock giveaway on her blog a while back and it inspired me to create a few of my own for our garden. Here are glimpses at two of them. The back of this first one has one of my fave quotes that reads "We must not be afraid of dreaming the seemingly impossible if we want the seemingly impossible to become reality"

This one is a daily affirmation that I heard someone say once and I loved it! When I read it I think, well- yeap, it sure is!

I spent some good time snuggling a Ned whilst watching Mamma Mia! and Burn After Reading

And today we went flying with one of our friends in his 6 seater Beechcraft Bonanza. I sat in the back on the way there and there was SOOO much turbulence I thought I might open the door and just jump right into the ocean and then I would feel better. It was seriously that bad with 25 MPH gusting winds. Cliff sat in the back on the way home and it was like a cool still pond back there, go figure.

This is the airport where we landed. It is a short walk into town for lunch. Everyone calls it going to have a $100 hamburger cause you spend all that money to fly somewhere and then usually eat a burger. It is so beautiful right by the ocean but OHHHHH do the winds blow!

My desire to take great pictures is ongoing. Lately I'm not taking enough time to set up the shots so they are turning out like this one with cut off wings. LOL I should have tried to get all of that right wing in there. I think it would have been a potentially great shot if you could see the wing span and I negotiated the sun light a little better. Ah well it's a work in progress.

Even from the back seat and through the window the coastline is breathtaking!

You'll have to click this one to see all the birdies. When you take off they always say "caution for bird activity in the area." Ummm yeah they were everywhere today, I was afraid we were gonna get an unwelcome smack on the windshield.
My usual long arm <3>
This was a plane we passed on the way. Again you'll have to click on it to see it better but this is what our plane looks like in the air!

I am taking a break from making a lacylike album order to post but I'm headed right back up into my little space. It feels so good to have spent so much time in my creative space this weekend and to break it all up with a quick flight for lunch down the coast.

I hope you have a super deee duper Monday!