Well Hello Monday!

I think that I am safe in assuming that most of you had today off? I hope it was fabulous and dry! It was all rain all day here today. I was a working girl all day and am oh so excited to be back in my cozy home, the fire place roaring and a Hingie curled up at my feet. Ned is presently located in front of the fire place looking pretty happy with himself.

Cliff and I have been discussing our fave reality TV shows. We are all set to see what happens on The Bachelor tonight! It is all Kayla's fault that we watch each week and narrate as the episode unfolds. Total hilarity at our house!

Soooo last week we had a in depth discussion about what our American Idol audition song would be and why. Mind you neither one of us sings. Oh we sing alright but it leaves little to be desired. We practiced and then pretended being Paula, Kara, Randy and Simon and what in the world they would say to us! Again total hilarity. If there is one thing our house is lacking it sure isn't laughter.

I said that my song would have to be something deep and raspy like Melissa Etheridge, Come to My Window and Cliff thought that his would be something like Gnarls Barkley. LOL

We think Randy would say...
"yo yo it's just not working for me dog!"

Paula would say...
"I love you!"

Kara would...
make a very confused face and then smile and say "NO sweetie."

Simon would say...
"Out you go then."

What would your idol audition song be?