We're famous!

Here are a few highlights from yesterdays filming! It was a Loooooong day but I think we got all the shots they needed to make us look as great as we are! The show aires Sunday the 24th at 5:30pm on KRON 4 locally. I will have it posted on my blog the next day from bestofthebaytv.com : )

Marta and Lacy

We did a segment on childcare and then on kids yoga. The kids were so so cute doing yoga! It has a song and props and everything. After doing a series Nikki (the teacher) would place her hand on her chest and ask "how does your heart feel?" It was so cute to see their little faces trying to figure out how to answer that one. I heard screams of
"thump, thump, faster, faster"
"still in there"

The first airing is a 5 minute hosted segment and then after that we'll have 1 minute spots that play throughout June. : )

I am always touched by people who come out to support us. We had a great crowd last night and we had a sweaty wonderful yoga practice to boot!

How cute are we!

Now if only I could have a nap!

Thank you thank you to everyone who came out to make this event a success! Thanks to my team for getting here early and staying late to make sure we were all set!
I can't wait to see you all on TV!

PS. If you are feeling like you need a moment go look at these.
There might be tears. Kelli is amazing at capturing moments.