What comes next...

Today is my official last day as Studio Manager at Soula Power Yoga.

The place is built,

the teachers are teaching with passion and love,
the desk staff is trained and the best bunch of girls you'll ever check into a yoga class with, the retail is hanging and hand picked by me,
the customers are finding us
and did I mention it is beautiful!

The project is complete and my job here is done on the design and management end. Another successful Lacylike design is living and breathing out in the world and that makes me so so proud! Not to mention I've helped to build a place where I can take yoga! Ahem I think that is selfishness in it's most beautiful form!
It reminds me of this painting that I've always loved!

So what's next for me you ask? Well, I'll tell ya! I am headed back to school to expand my knowledge and throw another little gem into the Lacylike tool box. Oh that makes me think of what kind of tool box I'd have if I actually had one... i am thinking I'd get one of those old metal red ones and spray paint it blue with all different colored stripes or maybe polka dots--- Ohhhh NO I've got it- SCALLOPS! Yeap that's it a blue tool box with white scallops! Oh how totally cute would that be! Anyway... back on point. What's next! I am going to school to become a nutritional counselor. HOW COOL IS THAT!! Turns out that psychology degree might be good for something. ; ) I will be blogging about this more later for sure but I completed a 6 month program that changed my life enough so that I feel moved to go to school and help to change others lives through nutrition. Remember the cleanse!?

So the word is out! If you need someone to help you create a space with that certain lacylike flair or you have a scrapbook project that is in need of a little assistance or you would like to learn how to step away from that twinkie... gimme a call! I'm your girl.

When I came on board at Soula I went all in. For a while I thought it would be my "career" and the place where I make a name for myself in the world. My old cubicle approved business clothes have found themselves in Kayla's closet or at the Salvation Army and yoga clothes now hang proudly to greet me every morning. Admittedly I've grown accustomed to wearing stretchy pants to work each day. It's really cool. But stretchy pants aside I see quite clearly that this is not the last stop. It is and has been another step towards my best self, what I am meant to do with my time and how I might best leave a positive mark on the world.

One of my favorite teachers Rolf Gates always says that "We show up, burn brightly in the moment, live passionately, and when the moment is over, when our work is done, we step back and let go."

What I know for sure is that I showed up. I showed up and lived passionately, shared the vision and used all my best tools to create a beautiful place for people to come and heal through the yoga that Marta and I both love so deeply. I burned brightly in every detail that made the place come together to be what it is today. I burned brightly in helping to grow this community and turning customers into friends. What I know for sure is that the work is done and it's my time to let all the good work set in, allow the place to breathe and let go.

I can't wait to see what comes next for me. I move from this place with gratitude for all that I've learned and for getting that much closer to being my best version of me. I move from this place with gratitude to Marta for giving me my dream job and allowing me to drape the place in lacylike love.

And to you my readers:
Thanks for following along in my days. Thanks for caring enough to click on my blog and read my words. It is really touching that people care enough to keep coming back, to keep reading, to keep supporting me. I really appreciate you and feel glad that I have a space in the world to share my moments.

Much love and hey, happy Wednesday friends!