What day is this?

LOL Just kidding I know it's Monday, I mean Tuesday! Whewwwww. We moved everything into the studio yesterday and this morning I am very aware of my biceps and my low back. Lift much?! I was there all day and into the night and I am headed back again. I think I'll take my camera today to capture some of the progress. Definitely running on adrenaline at the moment(not to mention it is too early for me). Yes, at 30 I still would prefer sleeping in to getting up before 9.

How great were the OSCARS! To be addressed by a fellow actor in such an intimate way was wonderful! I thought they really brought the magic back this year. I was so touched by Anne Hathaway receiving the words from Shirley MacLaine.

You know how I am a list maker, I love them. They keep me organized and help me to get thoughts out of my head so that I stop ruminating over them. After watching Anne Hathaway on the Academy Awards and then seeing her on Barbara I've decided we would totally be friends and perhaps that will be my new list... famous people I'd totally be friends with. Not in the creepy oh you are famous I want to know you way... I've never been so impressed with celebrity, they are just regular people (for the most part). I couldn't be the screaming fan or person to ask for an autograph.

When I was a kid we were at a family dance hall and we saw Nolan Ryan (pitcher, Houston Astros). My dad gave my a napkin and said go get his autograph... I scooted over, I must have been all of 7 or 8 years old and asked for his autograph. He acted so put out by it that it took all the excitement away. I've never cared for autographs since and when Kayla would have killed for Tom Cruise's autograph I just didn't get it (sorry sister). Why do we care to have someone scribble down their name? I'd much rather have a fun giggly lunch with Anne Hathaway.

The website is up for Soula. Take a look... keep in mind that all the picts on the site are placeholders until we get into the space and I can take some that make more sense. The ones on there now are from past bootcamps and retreats. It was a lot of work to get it to this point so please forgive any small typos and comment here if you see something major I should have noticed. Please and thank you. Isn't it amazing how you can't see what is right in front of you after you stare at it over and over and over!

Alright I am off to conquer the retail boutique! I've got a shelf with my name on it, literally. It was a find from a Harold's that went out of business. It is just waiting for the Lacy touch.

Have a marvelous day!